on her knees
arms strapped to her legs
at wrist and elbow
to ankle and knee
spread wide
held by thick rope
around her thighs and calves

breathing , fast
head buried in the bed clothes
her back and arse
red raw
raised welts
sweat glistening
on her back

parting her arse cheeks
he probes her anus
pushing in
stretching her sphincter
groaning, head tossing
from side to side
the hot
swollen cock enters her
the entire length
filling her

he withdraws
only the head is inside
without warning
he slams
hard into her
again and again
and again

she screams in jubilation
as wave after wave
she comes
he pulls out
steps in front of her
he pulls her head up
by the hair
enters the gapping mouth
her throat
and spurts
hot ,salty , thick semen
down her throat

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