they grab at each others bodies
lips and teeth
sucking and biting
tongues probing
and licking
hands grasping
” hurt me” she said in his ear
” tie me up ,do what you want, use me “.
he flipped her over
slapping her arse
taking his belt
he strapped her arms behind her
at the wrists
again slappinger buttocks.
pulling her off of the bed
by her hair,
onto her knees
her face down, close to his crotch
” take it” he commanded
” suck itdown , all the way”
she took his rigid cock
into her mouth
sliding it down, then up
down again
taking it deep.
the head hit her throat
she gagged
trying to lift off
grabbing her hair
on both sides of her head
he forced her back
hot cock
down , down
till it filled her throat
holding her there
for long , long seconds
releasing her
he rises
pulls her back
onto the bed
on her side
he parts her legs
lifting one in the air
open wide
he takes her
pushing hard
anchoring himself against the raised leg
he fucks her
forcibly and hard
she comes
once , twice
then three and four times
rolling her onto her front
he enters her anus
from behind
cock, stretching her butt hole
as he forces his way in
moaning and groaning
arse bucking
she writhes
as he grinds the solid cock
into her
hands gripping
fingers digging into flesh
and muscle
teeth biting
the back of her neck
howling,her body shakes
and climaxes once again
as her body is abused
he drives in
as hard as he can
unloading his sperm
pumping it into her arse
they lie, panting
breathing deeply
and hard
“thank you”
they say
in unison…..

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